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Software Engineering

Build High-Quality Systems with ITU’s Master of Science in Software Engineering.

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Why Choose ITU?

At the International Technological University, our core mission is to empower students to contribute to the global community through technological innovation. You will have the unparalleled opportunity to connect with expert instructors who hold leadership positions at top companies like Intel, Fujitsu, and IBM. Get your degree in the capital of Silicon Valley in just 16 months. Flexible night, weekend, and online classes allow you to further your education while continuing to work full-time. Offering STEM education, CPT curriculum and eligibility for OPT, ITU has it all!

Studying in the Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley is indisputably the best place to earn an industry-linked focused education. Located in San Jose, ITU is short commuting distance from technology giants like Apple, Adobe, and Google. Your instructors will be industry leaders who have helped change the face of the world through technological innovation in diverse fields.


Masters in Software Engineering

Prepare for success as a computer scientist or software engineer in any field with the M.S. in Software Engineering program. The primary focus of this program is the technical aspects of building and modifying high-quality software systems. Through industry-backed courses, you will gain a holistic education heared to help you lead teams of developers and design software with speed and efficiency.

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ITU faculty members are leaders at top Silicon Valley companies, and hold Ph.D. or terminal degrees in their field of expertise.

Career Development

You'll have an ever-growing suite of career and professional services available, including workshops and one-on-one advisement.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

ITU attracts talented students, professors, industry innovators and entrepreneurs from across the globe to the Silicon Valley, making the University a hub for innovation.


of students are involved in CPT.


countries represented in our student body.


Annual Earnings are double the national average in Silicon Valley.

27% less tuition

The average tuition for a Master’s degree is somewhere between $30,000-$40,000. ITU’s tuition is under $22,000.