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In the face of increasing competition, it is no longer sufficient to work harder and faster. Companies call upon people with advanced degrees. It is in this context that the International Technological University (ITU) Business Department proposes a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA).

The DBA degree is a research doctorate that focuses upon business practice, and the application of theory rather than on the development of new theory. The DBA requires significant coursework beyond that required at the master level. It is a professional doctoral program intended for Executives, Senior managers, Consultants, Advanced students, and Instructors of business who want to expand their knowledge, and skills.

The program develops the skills to analyze, practice applied topics and research to equip graduates with an understanding of management thoughts, and of real-world business principles and practices. ITU bridges the gap between learning and application.

ITU’s Doctor of Business Administration delivers a powerful program designed to enhance the student critical thinking, analytical skills, and leadership abilities, and enable them to develop an expertise in conducting and understanding research, methodology, and evaluation.