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Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at ITU was established in 1994. ITU’s founder, Dr. Shu-Park Chan, was also the EECE Department’s first Chair. The program offers students the chance to work with industry-connected faculty on hands-on, real-world projects. It offers degrees in Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering, as well as a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering. Programs have been well defined to provide students up-to-date knowledge and practical skills that put career success at the forefront.

Dr. May Huang assumed the role of Department Chair when Dr. Chan retired in 2008. The faculty has changed due to the retirement of professors, but the standard of quality established by Dr. Chan endures. ITU’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering curricula are updated yearly to match engineering advances, industry needs, and market demands.

The department’s chip design environment conforms to industry standards and offers students the practical training they will need for their careers. Practical course projects are developed to strengthen students’ hands-on techniques and skills. Cutting-edge research encourages students in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The EECE Department has decided to pursue ABET accreditation for MSCE and MSEE degree programs. Beginning in Fall 2018, prospective MSCE and MSEE students must meet additional admission requirements. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 45 semester hours of college-level engineering topics, and a minimum of 30 semester hours of college-level mathematics and basic science courses. Students accepted to the MSCE and MSEE programs will work with their assigned Faculty Advisor to develop an individual study plan and ensure that they fulfill the ABET Graduate Student Outcomes (GSO) upon graduation.