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Named after ITU’s founder, the academic scholarship recognizes students who have excelled in their studies and show great enthusiasm and aptitude in their work. The partial tuition remission is based upon grades and other criteria approved by the Academic Leadership Council.

Important Information

  • Application submission is open the first two weeks of registration only. (March 24, 2020 to April 10, 2020 by 5:PM PST>)
  • The scholarship processing cycle is done once per trimester.
  • Students are eligible for funding only once per academic year. If you receive a scholarship in one trimester, you cannot be considered again for a full calendar year.
  • No letters of reference are accepted with the scholarship application.

To Be Considered

  • You must have completed at least nine (9) and no more than twenty-seven (27) credit hours credit hours at ITU after current trimester.
  • You must have a 3.85 cumulative GPA or above (apply without Spring 2020 grades. Committee will check your cummulutive GPA once spring grades are submitted by faculty and verified by the Office of The Registrar).

Click here to fill out the application. 

Application Process

  • One page minimum and 2 page maximum personal statement (Not a letter) that addresses the following: 
    • Your qualifications for the scholarship (demonstrating leadership skills)
    • Achievements (such as passing external professional examinations, current volunteer or community service, etc.)Please do not express finacial need as this is not on a fincial need basis. 
  • One page minimum and 2 page maximum essay that addresses the following question:
    • What are changes do you believe will be made in the tech world in the next five years? What technology will advance more and what will be obsolete? What are you basing your answer on?.  (Submit original work, no right or wrong answer.)
    •  - please reference the application
  • You may also be required to come to campus for an in-person interview.
  • Please allow some time for the scholarship committee to process and review all applications. Review will take place after final grades are posted and verified.  If your application is selected, you will be notified and invited to a scholarship interview.

Click here to fill out the application. 

Scholarship Committee

The final decision will be taken by the Scholarship Committee, in which all academic departments are represented. Students will be informed about the outcome of their application by the Scholarship Committee through email.

All decisions are final and at the discretion of the Dr. Shu-Park Chan Academic Merit Scholarship Committee.