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Internship For International Students

Internship For International Students

Our unbeatable Silicon Valley location gives you the chance to grow your network in the U.S. with some of today’s leading tech giants. You’ll have the unique opportunity to find external internship opportunities through our search database.

International students must meet ITU and federal criteria.



Internships Rrequest Procedure

ITU Internship Federal Compliance

To ensure compliance with ITU’s policies and federal regulations, the following conditions apply to all students attending ITU in F-1 student status:

Maintaining Visa Status

If a student violates his/her status, the student’s I-20 will be terminated, which will also immediately end the student’s internship.

Post-Graduate Work Authorization Under Optional Practical Training (OPT)

An F-1 student who receives 12 or more months of full-time CPT is ineligible for post-graduate work authorization under OPT with an exception to part-time CPT. This includes any full-time CPT a student took at the same degree level at another school before transferring to ITU.

Annual Vacation

F-1 students are allowed one annual vacation term after completing a full academic year of study, which is considered as three consecutive trimesters of full-time enrollment. If a student wishes to take a vacation term after this point, they may reduce their enrollment to part-time or not enroll entirely during that trimester. However, if the student wishes to begin or renew an internship during that trimester, they must re-enroll in INT 593.

Last Term of Study

An F-1 student who is completing a degree program in the same trimester that an internship is requested is only required to take the number of classes needed to complete the degree. However, these classes must be on-campus, as required by F-1 student visa regulations.

Exception For ITU Student Employees

Students employed by ITU in a position relevant to their academic program do not require an internship/CPT. These students will instead take another academic class to maintain full-time enrollment. However, F-1 students who seek to work on-campus more than the 20-hours per week during the trimester must request a full-time internship, enroll in INT 593 for three credit hours, and obtain CPT authorization as required by their visa status.

Volunteering, Observation, And Unpaid Work

ITU will not allow an F-1 student to engage in volunteer or unpaid work for an internship provider outside of INT 593. Also, such action by a student before or after approved internship dates may result in an immediate loss of the internship and CPT authorization, as well as eligibility for any future internship at ITU. Such action may be treated as a violation of the student’s F-1 visa status, resulting in termination in SEVIS for “unlawful employment”.

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