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Master's Degree Program Curriculum

The Master's Degree Program Curriculum allows ITU's offerings to be developed and delivered at the speed of Silicon Valley Innovation.



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ITU's Master's Degree Program Curriculum is specifically designed to increase direct industry interaction.

  • Highlights industry-relevant trends and learning
  • Requires ITU Presents participation over three terms in a TED-Talk style presentation class, featuring five speakers over the course of a term
  • Requires students take nugget courses in total of two (2) credit hours from cross-disciplines, on emerging technologies and innovations, spread over the course of their degree
microphone on podium overlooking student audience
  • Allows ITU's newest alumni (hired into cutting edge areas of tech) to immediately come back to ITU and pitch an idea for a course
  • Benefits current students with the newest developments needed in Silicon Valley - from industry experts and their peers

Master's Degree Program Curriculum

Curriculum and Program Structure

Program Structure

Course Requirements

39 required credit hours (breakdown)

 9  Core
23   Electives (can include up to 8 credit hours from internships)
 1  Internships/CPT
 3  Capstone or Thesis
 1  ITU Presents
 2  Nugget credits

Cost: $650/unit
Total Master’s Degree Tuition: $25,350

ITU Presents - Required

(1 unit total: 1/3 credit per term, offered over 3 terms)

ITU Presents (formerly "Joint Seminar") was created and first taught by ITU's Founder, Professor Shu-Park Chan, who would invite guest speakers, typically Silicon Valley industry leaders, to speak on topics of their personal interest followed by a Q&A session with ITU students. Historically, ITU Presents has been the favorite and reportedly "most useful" class of ITU alumni, as it gives ITU students the ability to listen to the real-life experiences of famous technologists who often share their early career struggles, strategies, and successes with students.

ITU Nuggets (Consilience “Unity of Knowledge” Content) - Required

(1/3 - 2 credit hours)

No prerequisite is required for any Nugget course. Nuggets are a modular course content, following all the same structured and quality assessment aspects of any ITU course, starting with only one-third of a single credit hour, which is 5 lecture hours (or 10 lab hours or 15 practicum hours). A nugget course is a bite-sized project or course, manageable for a busy schedule. Nugget courses are designed to provide content from across multiple disciplines. Nuggets can start three times during the term in an online and/or in-class format of delivery. All ITU Nuggets are listed under the Interdisciplinary Sciences Department.

ITU reserves the right to create any new nuggets offered within the three nugget sessions of any trimester (see chart*)

Internship Study

F-1 students need to be enrolled in nine credit hours as a full-time student in each trimester.

Students will be able to apply a minimum of one and a maximum of 9 Internship credit hours toward the completion of their Masters Degree Program.

Each trimester will be divided into three short term sessions, which consist of five weeks per session. Each session has its own add/drop period: which is the first week of each session. Shorter term Internships can be offered in any of the short term sessions, associated with its own add/drop period.

As a result, with more flexibility for different start dates, students can potentially apply for new short term session internships 9 times instead of 3 times a year (see chart* below). Students are encouraged, for maximum credit, to enroll at the beginning of the trimester, but short term sessions are also allowed, as long as Internships still fall within the start and end dates of each trimester.

Short-term sessions within each trimester*

session table

* STS = short term session; SpB = Spring Break; SuB = Summer Break; FaB = Fall Break

Any student may participate in internships; the current ITU standard for Internship course duration and approximate credit hours assignment includes the following options:

  • Full-time internship
    • One short-term: 5 weeks -- 1 credit hour
    • Two consecutive short-term: 10 weeks -- 2 credit hour
    • Trimester (amounting to three consecutive short-terms): 15 weeks -- 3 credit hours
  • Part-time internship
    • One short-term: 5 weeks -- 1/3 credit hour
    • Two consecutive short-terms: 10 weeks -- 2/3 credit hour
    • Trimester (amounting to three consecutive short-terms): 15 weeks -- 1 credit hour
  • Students only need to enroll once for two consecutive short term internships, or for a full trimester internship.

If students participate in an internship(s) course that is shorter than a trimester period, they must follow guidelines for new internship providers only, and pay special attention to the start and end date. For more detail, please refer to the ITU catalog 2020-2021 for "The Internship Policy".

Students may not substitute nugget courses for their program elective courses.

See a comparison with the previous curriculum and additional notes here.