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FAQs About WSCUC Accreditation*

* On October 18, 2019 ITU received an Order of Show Cause from WSCUC. ITU Response.

Over a six-year period, important aspects of ITU’s educational and organizational performance were reviewed by a highly-qualified team representing ITU’s peer schools in the Western region. The WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) found that ITU meets high academic standards in all of its graduate, doctoral, and certificate programs and continually seeks to meet the needs of students, parents, and employers as it delivers quality education in its electrical engineering, computer and software engineering, engineering management, international business, interdisciplinary sciences, and digital arts programs.

Regional accreditation through WSCUC will mean increased recognition for ITU, among other WSCUC accredited schools in the region, as well as nationwide. WSCUC accreditation is generally perceived as particularly prestigious because of its rigorous and effectiveness-focused review processes.

WSCUC accreditation certifies that ITU meets high standards of academic quality and integrity and possesses the resources necessary to deliver its educational mission.

WSCUC accreditation means that ITU joins a highly-respected community of peer institutions in the region. These include major public and private schools as well as other schools respected in engineering, business, and digital arts. All WSCUC institutions seek to learn from each other and continually improve their educational effectiveness.

ITU is also now eligible to be included in national surveys/rankings of colleges and universities as well as directories that help students select colleges and graduate schools.

The first ITU cohort to receive a WSCUC-accredited degree graduated in December 2012. For more information on ITU’s initial accreditation date, please visit the WSCUC website

WSCUC accreditation applies to all new and current students.

  • WSCUC accreditation applies to degrees conferred December 2012 and later. Unfortunately, WSCUC accreditation is not retroactive beyond December 2012. This policy is dictated by WSCUC, not ITU. As such, we regret that ITU is not able to change or affect this policy.
  • ITU alumni should be proud and confident that their degrees and programs are the same degrees and programs, which the WSCUC team reviewed during their rigorous evaluation process through the years. ITU has delivered high-quality education through its academic programs since its founding in 1994.
  • If ITU alumni have any further questions, please contact an Admissions Representative.