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Payment Installment Plans

Installment Plan Policy

  • Each installment plan is subject to a per-trimester Installment Plan Administrative Fee of $100.
  • Installment Plans are only offered to students with good financial standing with ITU. Students who have a bounced check record on their account due to non-sufficient funds are not eligible for any installment plans for the remainder of their tenure at ITU.
  • Students are responsible to make sure they have enough money in their bank account for the post-dated checks. If a student drop a class after the last day to add/drop and last day to request for refund, the student will still owe the school the balance and any default on payment will be subject to collection.
  • Any student who wishes to pay using an installment plan must download, print, and complete a Promissory Note, and bring the completed form to the Department of Accounting Services.
  • Each installment plan consists of a minimum of two (2) to a maximum of three (3) installments.
  • Students must submit all their installment plan checks along with their first payment. The checks should be post-dated and will only be deposited on the day the installment is due. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the check will be deposited the following business day.
  • The installment plan process is not completed until the Installment Plan Promissory Note and all post-dated checks have been submitted to the Department of Accounting Services.
  • Students who wish to cancel an installment check or switch payment, must contact the Department of Accounting Services and complete the process prior to the installment due date.

Installment Plan Payment Schedule

  • The first installment is due on the day of registration, and the amount must be equal to or greater than three (3) units of tuition in addition to all of the mandatory fees, including student health insurance.
  • The second installment is due one (1) month after the first day of trimester, and the amount must also be equal to or greater than three (3) units of tuition.
  • The third installment is due two (2) months after the first day of trimester. Any remaining balance must be paid with this final installment.

Installment Payment

Installment Payment Payment What’s in Each Installment Due Date
1 $3180.65

$2100 – 3 credit hours

$200 – Technology Fee

$50 – Registration Fee

$15 – SGA Fee

$42 – VTA Fee

$673.65 – Health Insurance

$100 – Installment Plan Application Fee

Same day that student registers for classes
2 $2,100 $2,100 – 3 credit hours 1 month after 1st day of the trimester
3 $2,100 $2,100 – 3 credit hours 2 month after 1st day of the trimester
Saturday $7,380.65