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SAP University Alliance

Did You Know?

The Business department at ITU offers a focus in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) using Systems Applications and Products (SAP), the market leader in enterprise application software. With SAP being used as a global enterprise system, ITU is the only graduate institution in the Silicon Valley to offer a dedicated set of courses in this dynamic field. We also offer access to actual SAP clients for whom you can work on test cases.

Why Study SAP?

SAP is extremely relevant to today’s business world. In fact, it is estimated that more than 76% of revenue transactions touch an SAP system at some point. Because SAP implementation is such a complex process, it requires rigorous training and knowledge to carry out effectively. To that end, thorough knowledge of SAP will make you an incomparable asset to your organization.

How Can You Accomplish This?

Choice 1

Simply choose four (4) or more courses in ERP/SAP under our MBA Program to graduate with a focus in ERP/SAP and earn a Joint Recognition Award from the SAP University Alliance and ITU.

Choice 2

Just choose three (3) SAP University Alliance approved courses from the ITU Catalog as electives with a grade of B or higher to earn the Joint Recognition Award from the SAP University Alliance and ITU.

Which Courses are approved

  • ACT 603 Accounting Infromation Systems/ERP
  • ERP 509 Introduction to ERP Systems Using SAP
  • ERP 510 ABAP - Advanced Business Application Programming
  • ERP 511 Enterprise Portal Technology Using NetWeaver
  • ERP 512 Enterprise Procurement Processes (MM)
  • ERP 513 Sales Order Management with ERP

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