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As an ITU alumni, we hope you will take advantage of these great deals and discounts! Offering exciting offers on everything from tuition to events, we are laying the foundation for a network of exciting deals and opportunities for our graduates. 


Alumni Tuition Reduction

Did you know that, as an ITU graduate, you can receive a 25-50% discount rate on any new classes or programs you enroll in at ITU? Plus, with our Open Campus program, you can take exactly the classes you want to the key skills you need without having to complete an entire degree program.

Special ITU Event Deals

 As we continue to grow and build out our professional partnerships, we will be hosting many professional networking and industry events. Get discounted rates to these and many other ITU events and presentations as a registered alumni. Check out our industry leading speakers, mingle with professional industry groups, or just enjoy a good time at some of our on campus mixers. Visit our events calendars to see what is coming up soon or visit our Community page to learn how to stay connected.

ITU Store Discounts (Coming Soon)

ITU’s online gift shop is in coming soon! Sign-up to the alumni association and receive special ITU online store emails for potential promos, deals, and coupons when this exciting storefront goes live!

Discounts On-Campus Space Rentals

Take advantage of ITU’s spacious and professional facilities at a special discounted rate for ITU Alums. Offering an auditorium, classroom spaces, a dance studio, and even optional media services - ITU offers versatile facility rentals for all types of professional events. Contact us for details.

Free .edu Email:

Did you know ITU provides its alumni a free professional .edu email account? Upon graduating, your .student account automatically becomes a new .alumni account. While other job email addresses may come and go, this reliable and professional looking .edu email account is here to stay. You can stay connected no matter where your career may take you.

More Coming Soon!

With continued support from alumni like you, we are working every day to bring you more deals and services. Stay connected by joining the Alumni Association now or visit our Community Page


Want to learn how you can contribute to our alumni efforts? Contact us at