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ITU Presents: Disruptive Shock

Saturday, September 19
6:00 - 8:00 PM
ITU's YouTube Channel

"Disruptive Shock" guest speaker Phil McKinney

Phil McKinney believes that the ability to identify, survive and then leverage the right current and emerging disruptions at the right time is the new must-have skill set that we all need in our arsenal.

Over his career, Phil has had to innovate through a wide range of disruptions including: SARS impact to supply chains, leading on-site rapid innovation work at the request of the White House in response to Katrina, leading large global organizations in response to economic and political turmoil, and helping governments innovate through recovery such as Rwanda.

In this talk, he will share his experiences and what you can do to better prepare yourself and your career to not just survive but to succeed through disruptions.