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Support the ITU Mission

There are thousands of individuals, families, businesses and organizations that share their time, talent and treasure and enrich ITU. Generous financial support affords us the opportunity to educate a new generation of students who will succeed and lead in a diverse and ever-changing world.



In 1994, renowned education innovator Dr. Shu-Park Chan founded ITU in Silicon Valley to be the world’s first globally connected university. Professor Chan believed that academia and pedagogy must be responsive to the emergence of technology and must bridge the “relevance gap” to balance academic theory with practical application. Since then, ITU has built a foundation of research projects focused on finding real-world solutions to the problems of the modern world.

Your Generosity is Crucial

The programs at ITU support the ability of students to higher levels of education in addition to widespread benefits that improve our society. An education from ITU – whether undergraduate or graduate – promotes socioeconomic mobility for students that seek an affordable, convenient, relevant and high-quality education. When students, whether from the United States, or from other countries, earn their degree, they are more likely to earn higher wages as well as have more opportunity and security in the fast-paced technology labor market. Supported by the experience of internships, and taking classes in a flexible schedule, our graduates remain competitive for many years after they venture into the job market.


Ways to Give

To support our outstanding students and faculty, remember, any amount, great or small, is tax deductible.

  • By Mail: ITU Research Fund, please mail your gift check to us, with the memo list stating “ITU Research Fund” at the address listed at the top of the letter.  Our mailing address is 2010 El Camino Real, #852, Santa Clara, CA 95050.
  • Online: Use our convenient and secure portal to send your gift electronically.