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Nik Tehrani, PhD
Faculty Title
Adjunct Faculty
Business Administration

Dr. Nik Tehrani PhD, MBA, is Vice President of Business Development of DynoSense Corp., and has over 25 years’ experience in business management, marketing, and supply chain development and implementation. He has also over 15 years of teaching experience as a lecturer and professor at various universities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to DynoSense, he was President and CEO of Savitron, Inc., an Electronic Manufacturing Solution Company; Global Director of Program Management at Sanmina-SCI, a leading EMS provider; Managing Director and Founder of Majital Solutions, a marketing and engineering consulting company; and Vice President of Marketing and Engineering of ACI, an Electronic Manufacturing Company. A mentor and doctoral student advisor, Dr. Tehrani is also author of several textbooks and peer-reviewed journal articles.

Dr. Nik Tehrani is a business and marketing expert, with over 25 years of experience in industry. Dr. Tehrani brings his industry knowledge to the classroom, with his classes drawing from a career that has seen him take up roles such as Global Director of Program Management at electronic manufacturing giants, Sanmina, and found his own electronics manufacturing company. An accomplished academic, with numerous articles published in journals such as the International Journal of Business Management and Economic Research and the Journal of Medical & Health Science, Dr. Tehrani has a combined 18 years of teaching experience at UC Berkeley Extension and CSU East Bay.