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Financial Information

Tuition for our Master’s Programs is $600 per credit hour. All of our Master’s Programs are 36 credit hours. For detailed breakdown on tuition and fees, please visit Tuition and Fees Table which includes full list of fees as well as tuition for other programs.

Master's Programs Tuition & Fees
Program Tuition (based on 36 credit hours)




Insurance Premium




The table above is an estimated total cost of tuition and fees based on a full-time 36 credit hour Master’s Program completed in four trimesters.
Based on full-time student, graduating in four trimesters, including one-time and per trimester fees. Actual total tuition will vary based on each student’s course of study.

Our Master’s Programs include MBA, MS Software Engineering, MS Engineering Management, MS Computer Engineering, MS Electrical Engineering and MS Digital Arts.

As an alternative to paying your tuition in full each trimester, ITU offers an Installment Plan option.  Please note that additional fees apply to this option.

Before making a payment to ITU, review our Accepted Forms of Payment and Online Payment Terms and Conditions for further details.

Payment Deadlines

Tuition and Fees must be paid upon registration of courses. Otherwise, your account will be on Financial Hold. The University reserves the right to drop all your classes for non-payment. Please make sure to read our Accepted Forms of Payment page.

Contact and Questions

If you are a Prospective Student and have questions about tuition and fees, please contact our Outreach department.

If you are a Current Student and have questions about tuition and fees, payments or other accounting issues, please visit the Department of Accounting Services during office hours or submit a ticket using our Support System.