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Tali Zelikovich decorating ITU's Christmas tree

Holiday Spirit at International Technological University


This year, 2019, was no doubt a year of global challenges. From the increasing scrutiny over privacy policy violations, to a massive blaze in Paris at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, to disputes around climate change and global warming!

For International Technological University, it wasn’t an easy year either. I knew that the university was going through a time of important changes and as a member of the Student Government Association I was optimistic about a new marketing strategy we were working on. I also heard about promising changes from other students, and I am curious about what the University is working on, and what is ahead for the programs.

On Thursday, December 5th, I was sitting at ITU and working on my project when I heard some light-hearted music. At first, I didn’t pay attention to it. The music kept playing, then I heard cheerful voices - something was going on at the university. I decided to put off my last assignment and take a look at what I was missing.

When I entered the hallway, the atmosphere in the air instantly changed - all worries and concerns vanished. It is a The holiday season is around the corner and the festive spirit was palpable. I saw a partially decorated Christmas tree with boxes of toys around it. Alex and Rehka were carefully wrapping the lights around the tree.

A long table with treats and snacks was already served and Michelle was adding last finishing touches to it. From hummus to chips and dip to croissants to wine - everything was served and Chaitrali was energetically cutting dry fruit and walnut cake. (Have you tried this before? If you haven’t, you should).

Cylindrical vases with golden and sparkly Christmas balls were already sitting on every table, welcoming guests to grab the treats and indulge in the celebration and bubbly conversation with their colleagues, professors, and students.

I couldn’t help but join this merry celebration. To me it was like an auspicious sign I had been looking for - we had a great, like-minded team and a bright future ahead of us. As bright as those Christmas lights! After all, no matter how challenging this last year was, there is always time to look back and reminisce about the good things. This time of the year is about being grateful for what you’ve achieved and optimistic about the future. And being optimistic is always easier when there are good friends around you and a few Ferrero Rocher candies in your hand.

Tali Zelikovich
M.S. in Digital Arts student
December 10, 2019

Editor's note: Tali created a beautiful holiday banner image for ITU's website.