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 ITU MAX Project Team

ITU MAX Project Team

Dear ITU Student!

You are enrolled in the Fall 2019 trimester using MAX/Canvas.

ITU changed its learning management system (LMS) to Canvas. In early 2019 ITU’s Academic Leaders voted to convert the Canvas platform name to “MAX”. Your class in the fall is being taught through the ITU MAX system.

If you receive a message to access your Fall courses, follow the link to the new MAX platform. You can also access that platform directly at When logging in to MAX for the first time, your username will be your complete ITU email address, and your default password will be your complete ITU email address with your year of birth appended to the end. For example:


Password: doejane1234@students.itu.edu1994


Please make sure to update your password using Reset Password as soon as you have logged in for the first time.

Also, MAX is available on your phone! Search your App store for Canvas Student, download the app and enter ITUMAX to download the ITU student app: Here is a complete link to downloading the phone app: Below here are some videos you can watch if you are new to using MAX:


Student overview Video for Canvas (200)


Student overview Video for Canvas (200)

Student discussions video for Canvas (218)

Student quizzes video for Canvas (219)

Student grades video for Canvas (217)


MAX technical support is available, too. Submit a ticket and select "Technology Support" from the Group menu.

Thank you for your participation in our Fall conversion to the MAX LMS.

Best wishes, Patty Wiggin