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Dr. O'Brien

MAX Is Coming! MAX Is Coming!


This summer ITU is piloting a new Learning Management System (LMS) called MAX. MAX stands for “Maximizing the Academic eXperience”, and is based on the CANVAS learning management system, the most widely used LMS system in the nation.

MAX will be available to users on a variety of devices, including smart phones. MAX makes it more convenient and flexible for students and faculty to interact with each other in courses. It will allow faculty to enrich class content with video and allow students to collaborate more effectively on team assignments. MAX will permit more robust and interactive online classes and will help faculty and students to be much more highly interactive with each other.

During the summer pilot launch, MAX will be the platform for the following classes:

Principles of Business Analytics
BUA 500
Jahan Ghofraniha

Competitive Marketing Strategies
MKT 551
Patty Wiggin

High-Technology Entrepreneurship
MGT 572
Ramesh Konda

Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 500
Neeli Prasad and John Kim

Cloud Computing Management Issues
EMG 570
Michelle Liang

Fundamentals of Business Analysis for Software Development
EMG 522
Girish Harshe

EMG 504
Mamoun Samaha

Independent Study
EMG 689
Tom Tafolla

Social Netwk Marketing & Publishing
DGA 523
Shanan Sabin

DGA 606
Jonali Bhattarcharyya

Software Engineering
SWE 500
Ahmed Ezzat

Requirements Elicitation
SWE 602
Victor Yu

Integrating Academic & Internship Learning
CFL 591 2
Joseph Mazares

Integrating Academic & Internship Learning
CFL 591 1
Evelyn Andrews


In the fall term, MAX will be the platform for all class offerings, in class and online. MAX is easy to learn to use and very intuitive for the new user. 

Many students and faculty have already used CANVAS based systems, like MAX, in their prior universities and can help new users be successful in their transition to MAX.

MAX will be a great addition to ITU and a good tool for all of us.