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“ITU Presents” Returns this Summer with Introductory Reduced Price


Good news ITU students! This Summer only, an introductory reduced price* of 50% off is available for ITU Presents. Enjoy ITU’s “TED-Talk” style series while earning your degree credit!

ITU has made some exciting new changes in its curriculum structure, specifically to foster Silicon Valley industry participation with ITU students.

Starting this Summer term, and going big in the Fall 2020, we are launching a new modular offering called “Nugget” courses. ITU Nuggets are essentially a shortened version of our typical classes, but instead of being 45 lecture hours, a Nugget can be as few as 5 lecture hours, which allows ITU’s offering to be developed at the speed of Silicon Valley industry innovation.

The anchor course, “ITU Presents”, in the Nugget Structure Curriculum, mixes all majors together, so students can interact with fellow students in other fields of study on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the course encourages higher industry participation and entrepreneurship for students at ITU. The “ITU Presents” course is one unit in total, and is offered over three terms with 1/3 of a unit per term -- which means it will take three terms to finish this course.

ITU is going to pilot “ITU Presents” in the Nugget Structure this Summer. This is a great opportunity for our current students to take it as an elective course with the introductory reduced price. Please keep in mind that in the Fall 2020 trimester this course will be a required course toward your degree program, and will be offered at full price. So we encourage all students to take advantage of this amazing ITU Presents introductory offer now!

* Note:
Full price:

  • $214.50 (1 / 3 of the unit price of Nugget Structure Curriculum, which is $650/unit)

Introductory reduced price:

  • $107.25 (which is 50% of the full price)