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San Jose, CA – International Technological University unveils the Master of Science in Information & Cyber Security, our newest degree program addition to the Computer Science Department.  This program is now available for Spring 2019 registration.

In today’s Internet superhighway, information is transferred and passed at rapid speeds. Cyber security threats such as ransomware, malware, social engineering and phishing pose a big problem to unsuspecting users. So how do we protect our private information from being stolen? Aside from creating strong passwords, Jonathan Kasten, Network Support Specialist at ITU, says that it’s important to “double check your emails, see who sent them and what the email is regarding and if anything about the email seems wrong or suspicious. Moreover, use anti-virus scanners to double check downloads prior to executing and don’t follow links if you do not immediately know where they lead. Be vigilant and when all else fails stop what you’re doing, disconnect from your network and absolutely do not shutdown. Once a virus has already done its damage, shutting down is often the last step it needs to rend your computer completely inoperable, all the while it's running its havoc throughout the network in the background. This is why it is important to remove your computer from the network, so that you can potentially stop the virus from replicating itself to other systems.”

By establishing the Information and Cyber Security program, ITU is able to offer a holistic education in a variety of security technologies that goes beyond what the thousands of training courses in cyber security offer in order to combat this development, such as network security, risk and data management, preventive measures, computer ethics, digital signatures and cryptography. The curriculum gives students the technical knowledge to take on a diverse set of industry-specific challenges. Once students graduate from this program, they will be thoroughly educated cyber security professionals with practical skills and in high demand. They will understand the core problems behind cyber security and develop solutions from the ground up.

new cyber security program

Program Overview:

Required core courses for the ICS program include Intro to Cyber Security, Cyber Attack Counter Measures, Advanced Cyber Security and Theory of Cryptographic Systems. These core courses provide the framework to help students understand the fundamental elements of and mitigate and prevent cyber attacks on business corporations they will lead. Additionally, the following synopsis of the program course requirement may be completed within 16 months and students have the option of taking flexible evening, weekend and online schedules.  A GRE is not required.


Required Courses:

  • 4 Core Courses: 12 credit hours

  • 1 Capstone Course - Project or Thesis: 3 credit hours

  • 1 Internship: 1 credit hour

Elective Courses: 11-20 credit hours

  • Internship: 1-9 credit hours

  • Cross Disciplinary Course: Up to 3 credit hours

  • Transfer Credits: Up to 9 credit hours

36 Total Credit Hours

Moreover, ITU is “offering solutions to help us feel more secure about our personal and digital information. In January 2018, the ITU Institute for Cyber Security (ICS) was launched to provide training, testing, and certification in the booming field of cyber security. The Institute will conduct outreach to schools and create awareness of cyber threats among students. ICS will also offer consulting and diagnoses of cyber threats to companies and governmental agencies in the US.” – Greg O’Brien, ITU President

Then, in April of 2018, the Institute and Professor Mamoun Samaha offered training and ethical hacking competitions, in association with the EC Council and the California Department of Education, in Sacramento and in Silicon Valley. This outreach effort was followed by the launch of certification training programs on ITU’s campus and in corporate locations.

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