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San Jose, CA – As we approach our 25 Year Anniversary, we toasted to our Founding Father, Dr. Shu-Park Chan on October 26, 2018 and hosted celebratory festivities and dedication with our staff, faculty, students and esteemed guests. A special keynote address by ITU President, Dr. Greg O’Brien, reflected on the legacy of our Founding Father and focused on the next 35 years of ITU’s promising future.

Dr. Shu-Park Chan was a bold visionary and a passionate leader in education. He was determined to disrupt the traditional higher education model by launching International Technological University (ITU). He was born in 1929, 10th of 18children to the revered General Jitang Chen who was credited for the high-tech advancement of the Guangzhou province. After serving a 30-year tenure at Santa Clara University, Dr. Chan founded and established ITU in 1994 to lead a new generation of the educational model that puts students first by providing high quality graduate education at the lowest cost possible.  Moreover, his innovative approach to education helped bridge the skills gap between academic theory and practical application - the element disrupter of his educational model.

International Technological University continues to be the leader in high quality, low cost education to students and provides them with the practical skills needed to remain competitive in today’s workforce. Our faculty members are held to the highest standards in that their academic pedagogy by maintaining industry-relevant materials and experience while our graduate education tuition continues to maintain competitiveness among other graduate universities within the area.

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About International Technological University (ITU)

ITU was established in 1994 as a nonprofit graduate university located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our locale, flexible schedules, affordable tuition and internship program allows our students to immerse themselves in the bustling tech culture. Our mission is to cultivate an educational pedagogy that inspires innovative thinking, ethical leadership and entrepreneurial spirit through practical, industry relevant curriculum that reflects Silicon Valley culture. Visit


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