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“Esteemed in the sectors of information technology, education, and engineering, Lammatha has earned his keep as one of the top minds in his field.” - Reuters

“He understands the necessity of technological impact in the education industry, and he is personally seeing to it that the lagging infrastructure in higher education systems in places like India is built up and strengthened tenfold.” – Silicon India

ITU is making headlines as Chief Technology Officer Kranthi Lammatha wins the 2019 International Innovation Award India for creating a cloud-based communication system that connects the various communication channels in higher education institutions.

Lammatha’s inspiration journey to success begins in the small Indian farming village of Kaisipuram which consists about 35 families. He and other children trekked approximately 18 miles daily on foot to and from school. He was fascinated by technology and learning the interconnectedness of people and machines fueled his passion for developing a centralized IT infrastructure for communication.

He began his career as a Systems Engineer at Sony Music Entertainment in Jamestown, New York troubleshooting VPN, Linux Server and configuring Cisco Routers and switches. In 2013, Lammatha joined ITU as a developer where he created the Education Management System (EMS) used by ITU today to centralize student data and information and streamline the communication channels between student and professor by allowing students to communicate in real time with their professors and participate in live classroom discussion.

EMS also allows students to access course information, submit assignments and participate in forums and online courses. EMS is a low-cost solution to managing student data and information for nonprofit higher education institutions. EMS has 16 integrations such as the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) allowing universities to access the necessary documentation needed by international students to study in the United States.

“Who better to know the needs of students, teachers, and staff than a university? And who better to understand the world’s need for access to education than Kranthi” – The Startup Magazine

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