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San Jose, CA - 7/30/2018: On June 29, 2018, the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC) reaffirmed International Technological University's (ITU) accreditation for an additional six years, through June 2024. This reaccreditation is a part of the regularly scheduled review that all WSCUC-accredited universities must undergo.
A Visiting Team of WSCUC volunteers, comprised of faculty leaders from other regionally-accredited US universities and led by a West Point Professor of Mathematics, studied ITU's Institutional Report, examined records, and interviewed faculty, staff, students and community leaders regarding ITU's strengths and challenges. Based on all of the collected information, the Visiting Team made its recommendation to the entire WSCUC Commission.
Their report is available on both the WSCUC and ITU websites. In the report, the Visiting Team made eight formal commendations, specifically noting the strength of ITU's unique educational model and the university's exemplary practices in implementing its internship program, a core component of the ITU educational model. The Team Report summarized: "ITU has made tremendous strides in so many areas, as outlined in this report, and has established multiple best practices for other schools to emulate..."
ITU's educational model, begun by founder Dr. Shu-Park Chan, is built on the premise that ITU's faculty should include doctorally-educated engineers and industry leaders working in Silicon Valley and globally can deliver the most relevant, state-of-the-technical-art education.  Students engage in faculty-supervised internships in these fields and  industries. Professional skills are acquired through team projects in classes and completing an industry-relevant Capstone Project as a requirement for graduation.

The Visiting Team also commended the university community for its broad-based self-study process, the  new university leadership's plan and vision,  including  its  assessment of student learning, its "bottom-up" unit planning process, and its process for reviewing and strengthening policies throughout the university.
The Team recommended that ITU continue efforts to diversify its revenue bases, including its ongoing efforts to attract more local students and working professionals, further develop its data-informed learning assessment and program review, provide additional support to ITU's international students, and continue to clarify the roles and responsibilities of its various committees. A follow-up visit to assess progress on revenue and student body diversification and the other recommendations is scheduled for 2020.
Dr. Alvin Cheung, Chair of ITU's Board of Trustees, commented, "ITU's reaccreditation by WASC, and the Team's commendations on areas such as ITU's educational model and internship practices, solidifies the platform for ITU to expand its reach to  students we serve and to deliver the most current, industry-relevant programs Silicon Valley needs."
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