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Campus Policies

Since the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, alcoholic beverages may be consumed on University premises only during an event being sponsored or hosted by a campus individual, university-recognized group, department, or office that get approval by the University President or Provost. The event must operate within state and local laws as provided by the Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC).

It is the policy of ITU to maintain a drug-free workplace and campus. The workplace and campus are presumed to include all ITU premises where the activities of the University are conducted. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession and/or use of controlled substances, or the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of alcohol is prohibited on the ITU campus, in the workplace, or as part of any of the University’s activities.

For approval of the detailed protocol on serving alcohol on campus, all of the following conditions shall prevail:

  • The chair of the event and other officers or representatives of the event sponsor (21 years of age or older) who will be present throughout the event, who will refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages
  • The monitoring and serving of alcohol shall be under the direct supervision of the chair of the event and other representatives of the event.
  • It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that no alcohol is distributed to persons under the age of 21. Alcohol will only be served to individuals who are 21 or older with a valid, government-issued photo identification.
  • If there will be attendees at the event who are under the age of 21 years, the event sponsor must have a plan in place to ensure that these guests will not be served alcohol, e.g., ID cards must be shown upon entering the venue and wristbands must be distributed.
  • Self-service of alcohol is not allowed in any location on the campus.
  • Anyone who looks to be under the influence of alcohol and unable to exercise care for one’s own safety or that of others should not be served alcohol and the Office of Campus Operations may be notified if there are further questions or concerns.
  • Event sponsor should note that they may also be held responsible for serving alcohol to persons who drive while intoxicated.
  • Event sponsor is encouraged to reduce the consumption of alcohol at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled ending time of the event.
  • No open containers of alcohol may be present on campus at any time. All alcohol must be served, opened, and disposed of by staff members who are over 21 years of age.
  • Event sponsor must properly secure all leftover beverages
  • Alcoholic beverages shall only be consumed in the approved designated area.
  • Alcohol is not permitted to be served unless suitable Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages (EANAB’s) and food shall be made available at all functions when alcoholic beverages are served.



Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages on Campus [PDF]

International Technological University’s Lost & Found box is located at the Security Office.

When items are found, they are logged onto a log that is attached to the Lost & Found box and held for thirty days. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after the thirty days.

If possible, the Operations Office will make every effort to contact the owner of an item by phone or email, if the owner of the item can be identified.

Exemptions to the Policy:

  • High-value items will be logged onto the Lost & Found log but will be stored in the operations office.

When a High-value item is being claimed, Security will contact the Operations Staff member and they will arrive to verify ownership prior to release.

High-value items include but are not limited to driver’s licenses, state/federal identification cards, ATM/debit/credit cards, checks, checkbooks, wallets, cell phones, and high-value electronic items. High-value electronic items include but are not limited to laptops, iPods, and mp3 players.

  • Food and food/beverage containers turned into Lost and Found will be disposed of at the end of the day in which it was found.
  • Any item deemed unsanitary will be disposed of immediately.

In order to claim an item in Lost and Found the owner must provide a physical description of the item and current photo ID. The owner will be required to sign the item out once ownership has been established.

Any questions regarding Lost and Found items should be directed to the Security Office at (408) 469 – 3001.

International Technological University at the 2711 North First Street Campus has a very limited private parking lot. We offer a free “first-come, first-serve” parking lot that is monitored by campus security staff 24/7. The University is not responsible for any damages that may occur to a person vehicle while parked at the 2711 North First Street Campus. Parking in adjacent private parking lots to the campus is prohibited and maybe subject to towing & impound.

Student Parking

The University currently does not utilize any type of parking pass for any portion of any term for the students. The University does not allow for overnight student parking. Any vehicle found on campus without prior authorization to be on campus overnight may be subject to towing. Due to the nature of our limited parking International Technological University students are encouraged to take public transportation utilizing their Valley Transit Authority Commuter Pass.

Employee Parking

The University currently does not utilize any type of parking pass for any portion of any term for employees. The University does allow for short-term overnight parking on a case-by-case basis with approval from the Facilities Development and Operations Office.

Towing Services

The University utilizes Campbell Towing at 1461 Terminal Ave San Jose, CA 95112. Phone: (408) 295-7490. Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM.

ITU has adopted the following prevention program to assist with the prevention and elimination of any pest reported to be within campus and to promote the health and safety of its community.

Pest Prevention Program

    • There will be no overnight storage of foods, snacks, candies, etc. within or near a person’s workstation regardless if it is store bought and still sealed from store purchase. Exception being food that is properly stored and sealed in either:
      • A glass sealable container (i.e. Rubbermaid glass container with lid)
      • A plastic sealable container (i.e. Tupperware)
    • Meals should not be regularly taken at one’s desk. Please use designated break room.
    • Any use of silverware, glassware, or plates should be immediately washed and cleaned after use.
    • Disposal of food or drink items in approved receptacles only.
    • If at any time there is a sighting of any pest (insect, rodent, etc.) please contact the Operations Manager via email or phone at x217

Reporting Violations of the Pest Prevention Program Students

Students working with ITU staff in offices must follow this policy. Witnessed violations may be reported to the campus Operations Office or the Human Resources Office. Any student, who violates ITU policy, will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with ITU policy.

Administrators, Faculty and Staff:

Witnessed violations of ITU policy on the part of ITU employees or faculty may be reported to a manager, administrator, Campus Operations Manager, or Human Resources staff. The individual’s manager or the Human Resources Director will be responsible for counseling the employee, in writing, about the requirement that the employee comply with ITU policy. Any employee who thereafter violates ITU policy will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with ITU policy.