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Sacred Heart: Helping Families In Need

“Equal emphasis on the building and uniting of community and on the freedom from poverty. Neither objective can truly be fulfilled without the other. Hope is created when we share resources in a dignified, compassionate, and respectful way. Opportunity is created when we invest in the skills and nurture mutual support networks among individuals and groups. Action is manifested when we organize volunteers, leaders, and institutions to work together to act on both individual and societal levels in pursuit of a community free from poverty.” – Sacred Heart Mission Statement 2018

Scared Heart Clothes Drive By Huiting Jiao, MBA Candidate

I relocated to San Jose, CA to get a fresh start on my life goals. I am privileged that I’m able to give love and help to others who are in need. I am also grateful for those who’ve helped me by extending a hand and opening their hearts and home to me. I began my volunteering journey at Sacred Heart in November of 2017. Louise Benson founded Sacred Heart Community Service in 1964 with the goal to feed hungry families in her neighborhood. Her vision is a community, united to ensure that every child and adult is free from poverty and with a mission to make this a lasting impact for generations to come. The work at Sacred Heart emphasizes both in engaging and strengthening our community and developing solutions to fight poverty.

My responsibilities at Sacred Heart included setup of tables and displays for the big charity fairs, organize donated clothing into categories, such as women dresses, women pants, man suits, etc. for display and lastly organize them based on size. Also, part of my role was to remove price tags from clothes because many people donate brand new clothes. My supervisor explained to me that this was a way to stay committed to transparency, and that we do not favor one family or person over another. One of the biggest challenges for me when sorting the clothes was having to deal with the smells of unwashed donated clothes. The second challenging aspect of volunteering is that a lot of the work goes unappreciated, and I wasn’t alone in feeling this way. However, I realized that as a volunteer, our work is done out of passion for the type of work or service we provide and out of our compassion towards helping others and not for appreciation or acknowledgement of our good deeds. This lesson is also taught at International Technological University (ITU) in the Management Course 503 where I learned that showing up is an effective organizational leadership trait.

I’m fortunate that I am privileged enough to be able to volunteer my time freely and in a meaningful way. Helping those in need is very fulfilling and adds more purpose to my life as well as being able to connect with others who see the world in similar light and hold similar value with me is inspiring. I hope my story has inspired you to pursue your own journey in volunteering.