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The ITU Toastmasters club is a leadership club first...

Whether you’re a professional, student, or a stay-at-home parent, Toastmasters is the best way to build your leadership skills, through great communication. At Toastmasters meetings, you’ll learn how to successfully organize and present your ideas and yourself. Toastmaster’s methods for effective public speaking result in the skills and confidence needed to effectively express YOU in any situation.


You’ll practice spontaneous and planned speeches
You’ll present your great ideas more persuasively
You’ll learn to give and receive constructive evaluations
You’ll gain leadership skills when you serve as an officer
You’ll confidently lead and conduct meetings
You’ll improve your team-building and team-management skills

  • Pursue your individual Pathways track for leadership and personal development
  • Network with local club members, from Cisco, Cadence or Intel
  • Move up the ranks and become an area or district officer--interact with professionals all over Bay Area
  • Membership is open to: students, ITU Staff and Faculty and local San Jose professionals


Visit: Every Wednesday night, 6-7pm in Room 406. Contact for more details. Check our Facebook page for updates on meetings and changes to our events.

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