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University Leadership

Chair of the Board: Dr. Chi Hsieh
Vice Chair and Secretary of the Board: John Wayne DuBois
Board Members: Ivan Chan, Dr. Poland Hung, Yale Lam, Yau-Gene Chan
President and CEO: Yau-Gene Chan
Executive Vice President and CFO: Dr. Gerald A. Cory
Director of Compliance: Philip Ng
Registrar: Evelyn Padua-Andrews
Director of International Students Office: Amy Chaung
Assistant Vice President of Academic Support Services: Alejandro Peña
Accreditation Liaison Officer: Dr. Patty Wiggin
Information Technology: Peter Pokorny
International Cooperation Director: Nan "Anderson" Zhong

Academic Heads
 Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering
  Dr. Jahan Ghofraniha
 Software Engineering/Computer Science
  Dr. Cornel Pokorny
 Business Administration/Engineering Management
  Dr. Amal Mougharbel
 Digital Arts
  Jake Wachtel
 Interdisciplinary Science
  Dr. Gerald A. Cory